How music can help plants

There has long been a theory that playing music can help plants to thrive and grow. People who have tried this have noted that plants that are exposed to music seem to grow faster and stronger. Over the years several scientific studies have been carried out. Some of these have involved playing music to plants in greenhouses and in larger agricultural environments. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with the findings of these studies.

The scientific view

As plants do not have ears, some people are naturally sceptical about their ability to react to music. The studies show that the sound waves can stimulate the cells of the plant. This in turn encourages the nutrients to move through the body of the plant, which helps to trigger new growth and gives a little kick to their immune systems.

The studies are also clear that there are certain types of music that appeal to certain plants. It would appear that you would need to choose the music carefully depending upon the type of plant that you are growing. It would appear that if you want your roses to grow well then they need to hear some violin music. Classical and jazz music seem to produce good results, although heavy metal music does not have the same effect.

Just remember though, that care of your plants is not limited to playing music around them. Music is useful but your plants will need more than this. Different plants need to be cared for in different ways and an easy way to figure out just what your plants need is to use the app. This is easy to add to your smartphone and all you have to do is use the app to identify the plant so it provides you with the care information that you need. By using you will soon learn which of your plants need extra food, less watering or a nice sunny spot on a windowsill. To help make plant care easy just download the app and you’ll soon notice the difference.

Music benefits in agriculture

Some university studies have indicated that the yield of agricultural crops such as wheat, rice, spinach and tomatoes can be increased by playing music to the plants. Another benefit is that there is the suggestion that some common pests are less likely to blight the plants when music is played in greenhouses.

It should be noted that the research that has been done so far, while positive, is not conclusive and there are many experts that are yet to be convinced. More research needs to be completed in this area. In the meantime though, there is no harm in trying this with your own plants and maybe this year you’ll get twice as many roses as last year.

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