It goes without saying that instruments are an important part of making music, and that musicians are important in this process. Physical fitness is known to be necessary for singers and dancers, but it is also valuable for musicians as well. Musicians spend a lot of time practicing, recording and performing, but they also need to allocate some of their time to getting fit through physical exercise. If musicians are physically fit, it can lead to enhanced performances, less injuries and a long musical career.

The Need to Be Fit

Musicians have not really taken onboard the need to be physically fit and the impact it can have on their performances and careers as a whole. The physical aspects of playing an instrument usually only comes to the fore when some pain or injury is experienced. Around three quarters of orchestral musicians will suffer some sort of injury and may even need to stop playing, ending their careers. Unlike dancers who suffer high impact injuries, musicians suffer from repetitive injuries and injuries related to posture. These injuries can be prevented to a large degree by the musician becoming fitter and stronger.

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts for women can be used for general workouts or other keep fit activities such as walking, running and cycling amongst others. Aim’n have a wide selection of stylish bike shorts in different colors, whether plain or patterned, available with short or long leggings. Their knitted, ribbed and seamless bike shorts are of the highest quality making them durable and comfortable. The bike shorts are made from a breathable fabric that is moisture wicking to keep users cool. A full range of movement is possible due to the stretchy fabric that gives in all four directions.

Cardiovascular and Body Strength

The key to any fitness training is to begin small and then increase the intensity as your body becomes accustomed to it. Activities to increase cardiovascular health can begin with low impact ones such as walking, swimming or bicycling and build up to high impact sports that involve running etc. Body strength can be increased by starting with easy calf rises, squats and pushups (off a wall or bench), and progressing to more strenuous exercises involving resistance bands and weights.

Balance and Recovery Exercises

Balance exercises such as single leg standing, side stepping and heel raises are especially useful for older musicians. If a musician is able to transfer their body weight, whether they are standing or sitting, it will go a long way to reducing injury. Physical warm up exercises before a performance are just as important as warming up playing the instrument. Simple measures including arm circles, leg swings and body twisting can help to warm up the muscles prior to playing. Recovery stretches after the performance will also help to reduce injury.

Exercise and keeping fit are important for all people and musicians are no exception. A musician’s level of fitness and strength can determine; their number of injuries, quality of performance and the length of their musical careers. Musicians need to get fit, so they can continue what they love to do.

There has long been a theory that playing music can help plants to thrive and grow. People who have tried this have noted that plants that are exposed to music seem to grow faster and stronger. Over the years several scientific studies have been carried out. Some of these have involved playing music to plants in greenhouses and in larger agricultural environments. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with the findings of these studies.

The scientific view

As plants do not have ears, some people are naturally sceptical about their ability to react to music. The studies show that the sound waves can stimulate the cells of the plant. This in turn encourages the nutrients to move through the body of the plant, which helps to trigger new growth and gives a little kick to their immune systems.

The studies are also clear that there are certain types of music that appeal to certain plants. It would appear that you would need to choose the music carefully depending upon the type of plant that you are growing. It would appear that if you want your roses to grow well then they need to hear some violin music. Classical and jazz music seem to produce good results, although heavy metal music does not have the same effect.

Just remember though, that care of your plants is not limited to playing music around them. Music is useful but your plants will need more than this. Different plants need to be cared for in different ways and an easy way to figure out just what your plants need is to use the app. This is easy to add to your smartphone and all you have to do is use the app to identify the plant so it provides you with the care information that you need. By using you will soon learn which of your plants need extra food, less watering or a nice sunny spot on a windowsill. To help make plant care easy just download the app and you’ll soon notice the difference.

Music benefits in agriculture

Some university studies have indicated that the yield of agricultural crops such as wheat, rice, spinach and tomatoes can be increased by playing music to the plants. Another benefit is that there is the suggestion that some common pests are less likely to blight the plants when music is played in greenhouses.

It should be noted that the research that has been done so far, while positive, is not conclusive and there are many experts that are yet to be convinced. More research needs to be completed in this area. In the meantime though, there is no harm in trying this with your own plants and maybe this year you’ll get twice as many roses as last year.

Whilst music itself is an important factor of anyone’s music career, it’s also worth considering image and how you’ll be perceived by potential fans. If you take a look at the successful artists in the music industry today, and throughout history, you’ll notice how they’re always well presented and take care of their appearance. Here are some tips that are sure to make any musician look their best.


Fashion has a large role in the music industry. A famous musician wearing a fashion house’s apparel can send sales for them through the roof, whilst also making the musician look incredible. This is why many fashion labels will work with musicians and sometimes sponsor them to wear their clothes. Looking your best by wearing great clothes doesn’t simply boost your confidence and make you desirable to fans, but can also earn you additional income through these extra avenues.


Taking care of your skin is important when you’re a musician. Late nights out on tour and early mornings in the studio can have an impact on the health of your skin, with undereye circles being a particular issue that can dampen your overall appearance. Nobody wants to be pictured by the press looking tired and dishevelled, so taking care of your skin is a must. With products such as verso night cream you can keep your skin looking energised, and a good skin product such as this can even make you look younger.


Selecting the best accessories can help you to create a consistent image that fans will come to recognise instantly and love. Many artists become instantly recognisable to fans, and popular, through the headwear they always wear or the necklaces they’re never seen without. Accessories will make you both look good, and help with creating a brand for yourself that fans can recognise and seek to recreate through purchasing merchandise.

As the internet has grown into the significant part of our lives that it is today, the need for websites to find new ways of attracting visitors has increased also. SEO is a phrase that’s used often, but what does it actually mean? And how can it be utilized to help a musician grow their fanbase? Continue reading to find out everything you could need to know about using SEO as a musician.

What is SEO?

SEO (short for ‘Search Engine Optimization) is the strategy of ensuring a website is readable by search engines (such as Google and Bing) and appears high up in the search listings. When you search for something online, the results that appear highest have deployed effective SEO strategies for you to see them first.

How SEO Can Help a Musician

As mentioned above, it’s through effective SEO strategies that a website can appear high up in search listings. When looking to grow a loyal fanbase, a musician needs to utilize every avenue available to reach new listeners.

With good use of SEO on a musician’s website, the site can be seen by potential fans when a specific genre of music is searched. By carefully choosing keywords and using them well across the website, when those keywords are used in searches, the site will rank effectively in the results and achieve a higher click-rate.

How to Use SEO

It should first be mentioned that there is no “one size fits all” approach to SEO. Every website is different and has different goals. Initially, what is hoped to be achieved should be considered before implementing a strategy for SEO. For a musician, the plan would likely be to introduce new fans to their music and possibly achieve higher music and merchandise sales.

With the goal in mind, using SEO can be more closely tailored to the individual site. Keywords play a significant role in optimizing a website for search engines. To rank highly in a search engine, keywords must be used appropriately; these are what visitors will actually be searching for after all. Platforms are available that can help with keywords, such as Wincher, and the performance of keywords can be tracked too.

Keywords aren’t everything when it comes to SEO; other factors come into the equation too. The basic but most essential thing one can do to improve their search rankings is to ensure the website is running as quickly as possible, enabling the search engine’s crawlers to read the website. Don’t overload a website with unnecessary features that slow things down; not only can this lower the position the site places on searches, but it is also undesirable for visitors.

Who a website links to and who links to them is also important in SEO. This is about trustworthiness. Is your website linking back to reputable sources of information? Are already established sites linking back to you? Backlinks are often overlooked but are an important part of optimizing any website for search engines.

Overall, it’s crucial to implement a good strategy to optimize a musician’s website for search engines. A larger fanbase can be grown organically through good SEO techniques, and sales can also receive a boost.

They say that the perfect job is the one that… doesn’t feel like a job. If you are thinking about a career in the audio industry, and you are really passionate about knobs, microphones and music making software, just be aware that you have started what is probably a very steep uphill path. Still, if you succeed, you will be rewarded with what could become not only a dream job, but a fulfilling life.

Formal Qualification or Self-Taught?

There is no right answer. The reality is, that truth lies in the middle. If you enroll at a good sound engineering school, you may end up with a diploma that could lead you to land a more than respectable trainee position, or you could even start your own business. The good thing about formal education is that, regardless of your personal interests, you will receive an “overview” where you will be able to confront yourself with all the tools of the trade.

Even if you are not thinking about becoming a live sound engineer, it is always good to know how to set up a PA and perform a sound check. And, after all, you never know. Especially at the beginning, you’ll need a lot of practice as, in this area, no job is too small. Let’s get to the second option, as many people working in this industry are (successfully) self-taught. So, yes, it’s an option, but it will require many years of continuous apprenticeship and dedication.

Networking is the Key

Try to get in touch with people that can help you kick-start your career: musicians, producers, club owners and even TV and radio executives. Be always professional, do not expect to be paid hips, especially at the start, but, at the same time, avoid working for free. Be curious, challenge yourself and never stop learning. And, most importantly, try to have fun and be creative, whether you will end up working in music, television, post production, radio, theatre or even corporate events.

A “demo” is a song, or a number of songs recorded for promotional purposes. As such, these recordings are not intended for sale, airplay or commercial distribution, and are usually low cost productions. If you have a band or you are a solo artist, you can record a demo to introduce yourself to live clubs, take part in a contest or even propose your music to a record label. Let’s find out how you can produce a good sounding demo, without having to invest a fortune.

Home Studio Recording

If you have a computer and some basic equipment, you can try to record in your own home. All you need is a quiet room, some microphones, headphones, a dedicated software and an external audio interface to connect all of the devices.

If you decide to record using the multitrack technique, you will have to start with the drums and bass. You can record them together, as long as you connect the bass directly in the “line” connector of the audio interface, and provide the bass player with headphones so that they can monitor their performance.

Once you are happy with the rhythm section parts, you can start laying down the guitars, piano and vocal tracks, one at a time. Make sure the recording levels are correct by checking the microphone’s volume indicators on the software. Then, you will have to balance the levels of the various tracks, add effects (such as reverb on the vocals) and export the audio in stereo format.

Live Recordings

If you have the chance to get a gig in a well-equipped live music venue, you can ask the audio engineer to record your performance. The audio guy will export the audio signals going through the console directly into a computer software. This will allow some mixing, as the tracks will be recorded separately. Through a live recording, you will be able to achieve a powerful performance, especially suitable for rock and funk bands.

Labelling and Presentation

Once you have your demo ready, you can burn a CD or decide to share it on a streaming service. Do not forget to include the song titles, the name of the band, name and instrument of the band members, as well as full contact details.

Singers and musicians have long been associated with fashion and style. This applies not only to stagewear but also to what the artists wear when they are off-stage. There is nothing better than relaxing in designer sportswear from the Aimn company.

What Can Aimn Offer the Music World?

If a singer or group is embarking on a long and arduous tour, there will be a need to keep fit to deliver the best stage performance. There is no doubt that can provide the perfect type of garments for this activity. The company specializes in women’s sports clothing, and they offer everything for the female artist who only wants the best. Some of the ways to keep fit during tours or performances are to undertake a gym workout, a run or jog, or maybe even surfing in the warmer parts of the world such as Australia. This range of sports clothing can meet your needs whatever you choose to do.

Promoting an active lifestyle is one of the objectives of Aimn, and their stylish sports-clothing range features up to date unique designs, classy print finishes, and a wide range of colors. There is something for every established or up and coming music star. One pop star synonymous with designer sportswear is “Sporty Spice,” who usually turned up for performances with the Spice Girls wearing classy designer sportswear such as the garments provided by Aimn. This is elegant yet practical and comfortable sportswear can be perfect for those energetic stage routines.

Types of Sportswear Available

Aimn offers everything for the enthusiastic sports and fitness fan. The company provides various garments such as comfy sweatpants, ribbed seamless colored tights, high-end sneakers, hoodies, caps, comfortable sweatshirts, and elegantly designed shorts. The company also offers a range of jackets and tops, stylish accessories and bags, sports bras, and handy hydration bottles for your favorite energy drink. If you like to swim during your breaks in performances, why not try out their exclusive range of high-quality swimwear? Designer female tee-shirts and classy underwear would suit even the most discerning singer or musician. Their products come in a variety of vibrant colors such as:

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Dark
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Sand
  • White

Some products such as leggings are also available in sumptuous print patterns specially designed by Aimn to add that touch of class and elegance when relaxing between gigs. They offer a wide choice of different sizes, ensuring that you can pick any product knowing that it will provide a comfortable fit.


For any female performer or artist, an interest in keeping fit and wearing the right clothing is a must. A healthy outlook will enable any female musician to look good and feel better able to cope with the rigors of live shows. Aimn offers the perfect choices to help to achieve this.

Lamps have long been an inspiration for song lyrics. Who can forget “Lamplight,” the 1970’s smash hit for David Essex, or “Burning of the Midnight Lamp” from the famous Jimi Hendrix album called “Electric Ladyland?” Further examples are “Lava Lamp” from Duran Duran and the 1969 pop classic from the Bee Gees entitled “Lamplight Keep On Burning.” These songs show that lamps are important for lyric-writing and as a form of artistic expression that creates great musical moments. However, the most common use of lamps is as a means of lighting our homes and providing design accessories to enhance the decor. If you have a great lamp, then you need to look for a lampshade with a unique design and a touch of class. Have a look at the Royal Design website.

Lampshades From Royal Design

Any style of decor will benefit from the addition of a lampshade that complements the existing color scheme. Royal Design offers a wide range of lamp shades from some of the best European designers around the world. Featuring lamp coverings from Georg Jensen, Broste Copenhagen, House Doctor, and La Lampe Gras, to name a few. Each designer adds their own unique style and elegance to their lampshades. Whatever your requirements are, you are sure to find something that meets your aspirations at Royal Design.

The lampshades come in a variety of materials such as:

  • Jute
  • Natural materials
  • Plastic
  • Iron
  • Cotton
  • Glass
  • Cardboard
  • Jute

Many different styles are on offer ranging from shades inspired by the artwork of William Morris from 1883, Swan Lake, tigers, boudoirs, and sequins. There is something for everyone in the sumptuous, unique collection of lamp coverings. A choice of materials and 27 colors will be sure to add to and enhance any form of interior setting. It covers shades for wall lights, table-lamps, free-standing lights, and ceiling lights. There are over 100 designs to choose from to satisfy even the most discerning customer.


Lamps and lights have a close association with singers and musical performers when influencing their song and lyric writing. There are even lampshades inspired by musicians such as The Beatles. However, for a collection of the best designs around, check out the selection offered by Royal Design. You won’t be disappointed, and it might even inspire you to write your own song or lyrics.

If you are a professional YouTuber or you work in the entertainment industry, you will know how essential the music choices are. The right soundtrack will add the right atmosphere and mood to any kind of video production, from documentaries and short films to video tutorials or reviews.

How to Add Music in Your Videos

If you’ve recorded your material with a camera, you will have to import the video to a piece of software that can handle video and music on separate tracks. There are many options on the market. Some of this software is free or come with the pc’s software bundle, like Microsoft’s Video Editor for Windows 10. If you want professional results, you should look at programs like ProTools or Final Cut, which are harder to use but are up to the standards of the best productions.

If you want to include a soundtrack, you have two options. If you are a music producer, you can compose an original song. The other option is using pre-recorded material, like songs and instrumental pieces. You can visit the extensive libraries of websites such as Snapmuse to find the right inspiration. Don’t forget to include a track for sound effects, to give the right accent to specific parts of the video.

Tips and Practical Examples

A video production usually involves music, speech, sound effects and footage. You have to be prepared to undertake the editing of the footage first, taking into account that if a person is talking in the video, the speech has to be accurately synchronized, when recorded on a different type of gear (for example an external microphone).

Then you can start to add the music. If you choose to have background music, you will have to automate the volume, so that it rises whenever there is no speech, in radio-style fashion. This particular type or production effect is called a ducking effect. It can be carried out manually (which is a bit hard) or through a software’s plug-in (best choice). This effect is applied to the music and basically compresses it whenever another signal (for example, voice) is present. It is commonly used in commercials, documentaries, but also dance music.

If you are producing a short video, you can be inspired by composers of music for film. Try to listen to some great soundtracks, like the ones written by Ennio Morricone, Angelo Badalamenti or Lalo Shifrin. You are going to notice how they masterfully adapt music, tempos and arrangements depending on what happens on screen.

Music producers are often little known in the music industry. Fans give most credit to musicians and often do not realize the great work done by music producers. Producers often work closely with musicians in all music projects.

They are normally tasked with the process of gathering different ideas for certain music projects. These ideas are used in the writing of the song. Producers also compose beats for different music projects.

They are also tasked with selecting the song which they would like the musician to work on at a certain time. They also have to arrange sessions that musicians should observe while visiting the studio. The producer should also take control of the music session arranged.

The music producer should be keen while producing a song and watch out for mistakes. They are tasked with making changes in a song where necessary. They are given the freedom to change the arrangement of words in a song or even change the beats to a more suitable beat.

Producers may train an artist they are working with. They can also coach other musicians working in the same studio.