What Makes a Live Performance Tick?

You have probably attended a live performance and at the end of the show, you noticed one or two things that made it stand out. Even for those who have not attended one, you have heard people talk about how successful a certain show was. For a show to be considered successful, there are several things that have been done prior to the actual performance to make it a success. Here are some of the things that make a show stand out.

Arrive Early and Conduct a Sound Check

The performer should arrive early to prepare for the performance. This allows the performer and his crew to get ready to entertain people. They also ensure that the music systems are working properly.

Good Audiences

Audiences are known to make performances lively. For the fans to be lively the performers should ensure that they have an entertaining performance. When the audience is not lively the show becomes a boring one.


The performer should have an energetic performance and also be enjoying himself or herself as he or she delivers the performance. When the performer is enjoying the concert, the audience also tends to enjoy themselves leading to good live performance.


The artist performing should have backup plans and also instruments. These backup plans include things such as power supply. There should be an alternative power source in case of blackouts. There should also be other instruments such as microphones and guitars available. In case of damage or breakdown, you can use the backup instruments so as not to disappoint your audience.

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