Electronic Instruments

These are instruments which produce musical sounds through the assistance of electric current. They are characterized by a high output sound. This is made possible by the use of electricity in the instruments. Some instruments such as the guitar allow such electrical modifications. Here are some examples of electronic musical instruments which are used in the music industry.


This electrical instrument has the ability to record sound. It can also convert the recorded sound into other sound forms. The sounds are later reproduced using a sequencer. There are two types of samplers – the one-shot sampler and the spread out the sampler. The one-shot sampler gives one sound for every touch made on a pad. On the other hand, the spread out sampler offers more sounds on every pad touched. This type of sampler can also involve other instrument sounds from the pads.


This is an application software. It is the basic tool of programs of electric music instruments like the rhythm box. There are different types of sequencers, among them Audio which is a loop-based music software, Automation which is used in sequence functions, CV Gate which is used as a basic analog sequencer and the MIDI which is the hardware.

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