Renowned Live Performance Musicians

Most if not all live performing artists want to have superb live shows. Live shows are one of the best ways to attract a huge fan following. An audience impressed by a great live show translates to more fans. Some of the greatest musicians are well known for their live performance.

Jay Z

Jay Z is a great performer. Not one Jay Z show is similar to the other. He makes sure to bring out a different persona in each of his shows. This is achieved by having a tremendous relationship with the audience and also in the way they interact.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a popular pop artist. He is arguably one of the best ever live artists of the genre. Michael actually got dubbed the title ‘king of pop.’ This, not only for his melodious hit songs but also for the kind of shows he put up. A Michael Jackson show had value for money. A great performer and dancer, he kept the audience glued to him. He gave his fans a night to remember.


Beyoncé is yet another musician that really works on delivering live performances to live for. She is widely considered a game changer in the RnB music industry. She is an artist with strong vocals, good enough to perform a show while standing still and still command a standing ovation. Beyonce not only sings but also brings out some great dance moves. Although backed by a brilliant dance crew, she takes up the stage and leads the crew with some complex moves. She is an artist one would say gives her all in live shows.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is a modern artist who can comfortably sing more than three different genres. An artist with hit songs of reggae, RnB, Pop as well as funk. This talented artist also commands an audience of wide age groups. A Bruno Mars show leaves the young and the old feeling like the show was specifically meant for them.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is another top level musician. Her music is mostly inspired by exes as a majority would agree. She puts up the kind of show that leaves you in tears. She inspires and makes the audience relate to her experiences and leaves fans caught up in her emotional rollercoaster web.

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae, an all-rounded artist, is a singer, writer, rapper, and producer. Janelle is one of the most energetic performers of her generation. She seems inexhaustible while on stage and somehow manages to transfer that hype energy to her audience.

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