Percussion Instruments

Percussion instruments were used in the old times to play music and they are also used in the modern world. They mostly produce sounds by being hit. These percussion instruments require to be played by someone with a fine skill so as to produce the best beats. They are mostly used in traditional performances and they make the performances fascinating.

Percussion instruments include timpani, cymbals, bass drum, snare drum and also the tambourine.

Cymbals are known to make a lot of noise as they are made using large metal discs. They make sound effects that are used for drama and also excitement.

Timpani is made of plastic or calfskin and is also referred to as kettledrums. The timpani is played using wooden sticks and its player has to be a keen one because during the performances they are required to change the drum pitches. The instrument can produce a wide variety of tones.

Percussion instruments are categorized into two. There are unpitched percussion instruments and pitched percussion instruments. The sounds of unpitched percussion instruments have a pitch that is not identified. Pitched instruments have notes that have a pitch that is identified.

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