String Instruments

These musical instruments produce sound through the vibrations of the strings after stretching. String instruments are made out of wood. They are given a curvy shape with a hollow to give room for sound vibration to occur.

The strings produce the sound which is amplified by the hollow wood. The strings are normally made out of nylon or steel or gut on other occasions. These instruments are often played using a bow though some musicians prefer plucking the strings. The bow used in playing the strings is made out of wood and horsehair which is used as the strings.

String instruments are easily tuned to different notations using pegs which are placed at the head of the string instrument. Here are some examples of basic string instruments in the music industry.


This instrument is well known for its ability to produce very high musical sounds. A violin is basically about 25 inches in length. It is played by placing it on the left shoulder and moving the bow using the right hand. It is played in two groups where one group plays the melody while the other group plays harmony with the melody.


This instrument has a different body shape compared to other stringed instruments. It has a shape close to number 7. It also has 47 strings which are of different lengths. The harp is played by plucking and each string has a specific note. It also has seven pedals which are moved by the feet to change the pitch of the strings.


The guitar is probably the most popular string instrument. It is easy to play and can be easily carried around during performances.

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