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Whiteboy Slim 21st Century Trouble

The true greats of blues music generated enormous excitement and awe in their audiences. They did so with flamboyant showmanship; with aloof, tough delivery; with elegance and charisma; with passionate virtuosity; with all sorts of styles, but always with original talent and awesome presence.

Whiteboy Slim, (Maurice Richard Libby), carries the blues tradition. His raw, authoritative delivery is obviously born of his respect for the music. He bows to the sounds that have traditionally portrayed American troubles, laying them under today’s influences to create genuinely modern music.

Slim says it best himself: “I stay true to the spirit of the music, walking the tightrope between the spiritual and the profane. I play old tunes by Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf - all the greats - and unusual stuff like some Fats Waller. I do a lot of original tunes as well: twelve bar blues with lyrics that speak to contemporary experience. I’m sure not going to try to write like a sharecropper from Mississippi.”

Whiteboy Slim has been playing with the amazing one-man rhythm section Dustin Bowyer. The collaboration between the two lasted five years and resulted in three “live off the floor” projects and one (double) studio album.

New Release

Quid Pro Quo: Songs of Sex, Love, And #resistance!

Raw, emotional, sardonic Blues, about life and all that that entails, recorded live like all good Blues should be! Honest and authentic, this is living Blues with an attitude and touches of Ska, Reggae, Punk and Funk.

“Quid Pro Quo: Songs of Sex, Love, and #Resistance!” is the third Whiteboy Slim project recorded “live off the floor” with the amazing one-man rhythm section Dustin Bowyer. Half the tunes were done at JamInTheAlley Studio in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and the rest at gigs at the Bushwakker Brewing Company in Regina, Saskatchewan and The Moose Jaw Pride Community Fair, (all produced by Producer/Engineer Larry Gusaas.) This is the final collaboration between the two—a collaboration that lasted five years and resulted in three “live off the floor” projects and one (double) studio album.

Four of the songs—“Blood In The Street,” “Reasons You Need To Sing The Blues,” “Behind the Green Door,” and “Bad Timing” —are stripped down versions of songs from the First Whiteboy Slim album “Homemade” and the 2014 release “Box? What Box?” There are also three covers Tom Waits’ “$29.00,” the Woody Guthrie 1930s protest song “All You Fascists Bound To Lose,” which seems to become newly-relevant once a decade or so, and Kokomo Arnold’s bisexual Blues “Sissy Man Blues.” The rest are originals written between Christmas 2016 and New Year’s Day 2017 in a Manic torrent.

Whiteboy Slim was on he David Bowers Awards featuring music from his newest album Quid Pro Quo, third album in his trilogy. They talked about the new CD, two-man quartets, and inspiration. Listen at The David Bowers Awards

The CD is available on CD Baby, and all the other digital sources.

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