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"Queen Street Blues" now playing

Whiteboy Slim 21st Century Trouble

The true greats of blues music generated enormous excitement and awe in their audiences. They did so with flamboyant showmanship; with aloof, tough delivery; with elegance and charisma; with passionate virtuosity; with all sorts of styles, but always with original talent and awesome presence.

Whiteboy Slim, (Maurice Richard Libby), carries the blues tradition. His raw, authoritative delivery is obviously born of his respect for the music. He bows to the sounds that have traditionally portrayed American troubles, laying them under today's influences to create genuinely modern music.

Slim says it best himself: "I stay true to the spirit of the music, walking the tightrope between the spiritual and the profane. I play old tunes by Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf - all the greats - and unusual stuff like some Fats Waller. I do a lot of original tunes as well: twelve bar blues with lyrics that speak to contemporary experience. I'm sure not going to try to write like a sharecropper from Mississippi."

Rhythm Section

Since 2014 Whiteboy Slim has been playing in a "two man quartet" with Dustin Bowyer, who plays drums and bass simultaneously.

New Release

Queen Street Blues

Old School Blues with a dash of Reggae and Rock. Authentic as Hell, but not afraid to push the boundaries, this is the sixth release for this veteran bluesman, but the first recorded live in the studio with a one man rhythm section. A must-hear for sure.

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The CD is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, and all the other digital sources.

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